jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2011

The mind. The heart.

You know the emotional ferris wheel? Well, I'm not at the bottom, but I'm pretty darn close. I am seriously tired. Not physically, though I just took a nap a little while ago. I'm just sluggish, especially at school. I really wish the semester was over already. Don't get me wrong though, you know how much I love my major, but the superavit I had when the semester was starting is finished. I'm getting burnt out.

I know I'll feel better tomorrow, but these will still be my feelings overall. Also, this won't really matter. I know me. My mind and my heart are close, but not necessarily married. Call me stoic, but it's actually very usefull. I helps me get up every morning, tune my temper, overcome my frustrations, think long term.

My juggling has been lacking lately. All around. To me you know. I hope to those around me it hasn't been noticeable. I don't really doubt it though.

I had tutoring today, school mandatory. And it really helped me land a few things I had fluttering around my head. For example, I like to think ahead to try and prepare you know? And if I don't, at least it's a conscious decision so I can't blame anyone. Anyhow, she talked about how in my major it's really important to speacialize when you graduate. However, you make this decision when you're close to finishing and you've learned enough about the major and about yourself to choose what you want to study, what you want to do.

It's common that you enter college with a very "clear" idea of what you want to do, and you end up doing something totally different, in the same field at most. So I don't need to add that weight to my sack, and I should just chill out more you know?

I'll try and do that more, I tend to excell at it hoho. My hubby also recommended it and my mind is ready to execute.

So I'll just keep smiling and walking forward. My heart will follow.

jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

Talk to the shoe (pump's got attitude)

You know one of lifes' paradox, at least in my case? Shoes. I looove shoes. But I am so darn picky! Coming to look for shoes with me can tire anyone, especially my hubby who buys them.

What about these? Thay're nice.
I nod, and keep walking.

Or these? Didn't you mention you wanted ones just like these the other day?
Well, they're very similar, but these have/don't have x.
But you can barely tell them apart.
I know. But still.

I smile apologetically, hug him, and keep walking. It'll probably take me three trips to the mall or its similar to find shoes I'd actually pay for. For example, when I bought my boots I had to drag my amado around shops for a whole weekend and I finally found them at this mall that's for shoes only and shaped like a square. Wanna try and guess in which store I finally found them? In the last freakin'one. If I'd gone right instead of left we would've gone home much, much sooner. And even then they weren't the boots, only we'd been in countless amount of stores and I was worried about exasperating my husband beyond buying me the darned things.

Did I mention I have to love them on sight? I can step into a store, take a quick look around, and if nothing perks my attention at once it won't at all so I'm outta there in three minutes flat most of the time. Tops. I cover a lot of ground that way.

Also, while I might be incredibly picky, I love to look at the shoes other women wear. I can't help it. My eyes are inevitably drawn to the floor to check them out. Mostly I wouldn't buy them either, but now and then I find a real looker and I secretly swoon to my husband who briefly looks the way I indicated, but now it's he is turn to keep walking.

And I'd like to finish this most with a personal issue. See, I couldn't of cared less about shoes, high heels in particular. That is, before I got pregnant. It was when I became an urban penguin and high heels were out of the question that I finally started to notice how pretty these kind of shoes were. But I couldn't wear them! It would frustrate me so much, that I vowed to myself that as soon as Belle Fille had been born and my shoe size became stable once again I would start to wear those funky things.

Except at school. High heels and public transportation do. not. mix.
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