About Me

This blog is written by a Mexican named Nancy B. She is very distracted like, friendly but occasionally shy (not too often though). She is still in college studying international relationships, is happily married and has a beautiful baby daughter. She... STOP!....
What an essay huh? She is me. And this is what I want. And just like you, I have many facets. I'm a young, laid-back woman that loves to laugh. Except when I'm worried because of a test at school or because Belle Fille (my sweet baby girl) is sick or because it just feels right to worry about real/imaginary stuff.
I love to read everything from an intelectual book about geopolitics to fashion magazines to cereal boxes. But no literature (except one) will EVER TOP Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I have a love-hate relationship with my high heels but I only look fashionable on Sundays. Maybe. If I keep my fingers crossed.
I love the major I've chosen but I'll probably be a stay at home mom until my kids are in school (most of which aren't born yet!). Meanwhile, my agenda is very much varied: from changing diapers to writting essays on international politics, kareoke singing and silent reflexion (the latter mostly while I iron clothes).
 And I multitask way too much.

I started this blog when I was pregnant with Belle Fille and was taking vacations from college since she was almost due. I was really happy about being a momma, and writing in my journal just wasn't enough anymore. And so, with a bada-bing! I became a blogger! :)
When I got back to school it was a bit hard for me at times but I love so very much being a student, a momma and obviously a housewife at the same time and to the same degree. It's all helped me mature and enjoy life more. I'm so extremely thankful for all of my blessings but also for my battles. They're the sugar and spice in life right?
Did I mention that I'm an enamored wife? And I love cats but I've never had one.
What you find on every post will be 100% me. I'm exactly the same live and in print, so you'll get some fresh air each time you come and visit. Think of me as a good friend that shares with you my good moments, my sad ones, and even my trivial ones, oddities included. I'm expecting you!

With love, from the author of This is me plus a bit more,

Nancy B.
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