jueves, 26 de agosto de 2010

Do I really belong to this generation?

Hmmm... I've finally got access to internet in a while and I have nooo idea what to do. I sometimes feel so not a part of this generation.

See, I missed the part in middle school where kids start to get hooked on messenger and stuff because they want to stay in touch with their friends. I sincerely tried to join in, but not having a computer at home, much less internet did not help at all. So I tried to substitute it with the phone.

Result: I got grounded because the bill was way high. The situation would see itself repeated on several ocasions and thus, I ended up permanentely grounded. For real. In fact, by the time I was ungrounded, the phone no longer appealed to me. This lacking plus still no internet and living far away from my school caused me to be ill used to staying in touch. My friends know this for a fact.

Even now when I do own a laptop I just find it tiresome to get on the boat.

miércoles, 18 de agosto de 2010

Please respect the penguin!

Ok, the funny walking is now completely undeniable. Furthermore, I also walk a bit slow, so much in fact that crossing the street has given me material to talk about.

See, the other day my maridito and me were crossing the street at a mall, and there was this costly (and very nice I must admit) van, something like a BMW, coming straight at us. It was far away and we had already crossed half the street, but the van suddenly accelerated as if wanting to stop us in the middle just to let him pass. And when he got to us he stopped and honked impatiently, as if! Did the person in the van seriously expect me to walk faster? My feet were a swollen, I was tired and anyway we had already near the other side when the van appeared. Please!

I might resemble a penguin, but this penguin has the right to cross the street in peace! Come to think about it, you caused your mother to walk like a penguin as well so calm down and try and gain some respect for the local penguins Mr. I own a costly van so everyone else has to make way for me, ok?



viernes, 13 de agosto de 2010

Sleeping in the laurels

I am now supposed to be eight months in my pregnancy. Yet the babys' birth seems so far away. Don't get me wrong my tummy is by far my main feature and I do walk slowly and a bit funny (If I get careless I resemble a duck) but where are the feared contractions or anything that reminds me that in aproximately a month the baby in my tummy will be born. A real human being that will need caring for: food, diapers, sleep etc. Couldn't something make it more real for me, some sort of wake up call?

I know that I should start to prepare for the baby, but she hasn't given me any kind of urgency call. My pregnancy has been a pretty sweet one compared to others; I've been blessed in that matter too. I've talked of my babes' personality before, she's strong but not troublesome. So in this manner, since she isn't constantly reminding me she's quite near coming out so my husband and I must be especially careful as to not "dormirnos en los laureles" like thay say in spanish or get careless just because the babe doesn't mount a big show.

In the next few days we're going to buy all the stuff a baby requires like diapers and her crib and so on and so forth. I'm reading this book called Parenting: From Surviving to Thriving by Charles R. Swindoll (excellent, I hope I'm not getting too ahead of myself and neglecting the things I should be doing like prepping for the baby.

I soooooo want a natural baby birth. I slightly (very slightly) cringe at the thought of a possible c-section. Oh and those stretch marks that suddenly sneak up on you...

PD: Just catching up a bit, my very much loved maridito and I are now completely established at our new home. Yay!!!
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