miércoles, 28 de julio de 2010

Oops it's been a while

Hi there! Sorry for not being constant in my blogging it's just that I've been a bit more tired (my pregnancy hasn't allowed me that much sleep lately) and a tad busier. For example, my refrigerator finally arrived today! It makes my kitchen look so official, just like having cups and plates in the cupboard! It might sound weird, but the other day I started to store them in my kitchen and you just can't imagine how much I enjoyed it! It is so nice to decide what goes where and change it if I want to just because I feel like it. I would compare it to some sort of confirmation for me. Of this really being My House, My Home.

Something else that if it hasn't completely hindered me it definitely has not encouraged me to write is that there doesn't seem to be much going on right now. I feel as if I'm on standby: No university (though I must admit that I'd be on summer vacation right now anyway), my belle baby isn't born yet and I haven't even acquired full responsability as a wife in the manners of cooking or washing for my husband so I can't describe to you an anecdote in that matter either.

Oh, I'll have plenty and more to write about in the near future, but at present time I shall tell you the first thing I learned as a wife.

Lesson 1#: No matter how comfortable you are in the morning, if you and your husband have plans, don't wait to get up until he does. He'll get up scarce minutes before deadline, shower, change and be ready in less that 15 minutes expecting you to do the same. Result: you both got up at the same time, but it's Your fault that you're both late.

I happen to have learned this on our first sunday as a married couple. We were supposed to go to the first church service which is at 9 o 'clock at our church, and ended up going to the second one which is at 11 o' clock. I felt so frustrated... Needless to say, now (on sundays) by the time my maridito (husband) is getting into the shower, I've finished my toillete and am already in the kitchen getting some sort of breakfast going.

Wanna try and guess lesson number two?

ALWAYS have food available.

miércoles, 7 de julio de 2010

Simply stunning

You know what I really feel like talking about? My beautiful baby. I have no idea what she looks like yet, nevertheless she's beautiful, I just know it. She's normally calm but last night she appeared to be bent on conquering new parts of my stomach, her home for now. She ended up right on my side, exactly where I support myself when I'm lying down, kicking most of the time. She made me roll over to my other side but suprise! She had somehow accommodated herself in such a way that she seemed to be on the x axis, thereby being able to reach both my sides. And how she kicked!

I suppose she wanted me to move to another position where she wouldn't kick against the bed and have more liberty to do so, but what was I suppose to do? Sleep face down? I don't think so. Also, from past experiences I've the impression that she doesn't like my lying down on my back (starts kicking more energetically, plus the doctor told me it's not too comfortable for her) so tell, what position would be appropiate?

When I first began to feel her moving inside of me it was the coolest thing. I don't really know how to describe it, as I suppose most mothers don't either. The closest I've ever gotten is comparing it to having some sort of bubbles inside of you, only thicker, and sometimes they explode near the surface. Nice huh? Anyway, as time began to pass and the baby to grow(in case you haven't noticed yet, it's a girl or at least that's what the doc said) she began to have this tendency to lean on my right side, next to my last rib. However, I suddenly began to experience some major kicking, totally unlike those before. So strong! I found out why thanks to this mom that told me the same thing had happend to her with her first child. See, babies with time choose a place in our tummies they particularly like and are prone to stay there for the whole pregnancy.

It can be anywhere, but when it's in the ribs as they take up more space they use the bone for support and in consecuence, their movements, specially the kicking can get really tough on the mother. Worse still if you didn't get the baby out of there when he or she was still small, because when they're bigger it can get really uncomfortable for them too.

So that was why my baby had abruptly decided to become a soccer player! I've been able to persuade her to move out of there to where she has more space, but at first she didn't want to be persuaded! She would dig in and simply refuse to move, even kick back at me! My usually placid baby had a mind of her own... and I just loved it! She demonstrated to be strong willed indeed, but reasonable as well, as she finally let herself be coaxed from her spot. She's still strongly inclined to that area, but I suppose that since she's bigger now and doesn't fit in that well, she deviates to my side. Alas that's why she was so persistent last night.

Oh well, it's all part of the package of being a mom, or a future mom at least. The bright spot of being uncomfortable is that I feel like I'm interacting with her. Kind of apache since our comunication consists of my pushing and her kicking back, but it's lovely still. Like I'm discovering her personality.

Simply stunning.

PD: That's me being pregnant, only that from a few months ago. I'm a lot bigger now.

lunes, 5 de julio de 2010

A slight introduction

Hi again, I'm happy you continued reading, I'm apparently not that experienced with starting in a normal, friendly way. I will now try and amend it by telling you a bit about myself:

As I had mentioned before my name is Nancy B. though since I'm married I'll happily tell you my oficial name which would de Nancy B. de B. I'm 19, live in Mexico (I'm a proud mexican as well) and will be expecting a beautiful baby soon. I'm also a university student and my major will be International Relationships.
I'm cristian and just trying to do my best to grow as integrally and fully as I can. You and I may not be diferent in the latter aspect i suppose.

I've been called nice before, but I've also been called sarcastic. Weird as well, "in a good way though", it seems funny to me. I don't really know but I don't really give it that much importance, I'm very much comfortable with myself and it doesn't matter anyway.

I guess this is good enough for the time being, see you around.


Nancy B.

Off to a good start

Hi there. My name is Nancy B. and if you're reading this blog in sinc with my writing it, then we probably know each other. I'll be writing about things I do in my life and a bit more, things that interest me and'll interest you unless all is lost. Or I get too far fetched. Anyway I hope you enjoy it because I most certainly will.


Nancy B.
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